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Many types of automotive accidents occur in the US on a daily basis but none of the others are as dangerous as pickup trucks and SUVs’ rollover accidents. Because the center of gravity for these vehicles in higher, the body has a tendency to roll over and the result of this can be serious injury or even death. More than 230,000 incidents of rollover accidents were reported in 2009 and 8000 of them ended up being fatal.

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According to IIHS, the major cause of rollover accidents is because of loss of control of the SUV or pickup truck and collision with curbs, tree stumps or guardrails. Uneven ground can also be a cause of rollover. When turns are taken too tightly or safe speeds are not maintained, that too can cause rollovers to occur. Sometimes, rollovers happen as a result of multiple vehicle accidents. Malfunctioning and defective parts in the vehicle are often a serious cause of rollover injuries. This includes mechanical issues, and tire failure.

Seatbelts are extremely important and if the person is wearing them, the severity of injuries can be a lot less. Injuries can include airbag deployment injuries, seatbelt injuries, broken bones, cuts, burns, spinal cord injury, TBI or traumatic brain injury, and other injuries. Immediate medical attention can often save someone’s life in case of a rollover accident. People can always seek it out as soon as possible to avert any serious problems. Also, should the parties seek legal course after the rollover accident, the medical assistance can offer important information.

Hiring a rollover accident lawyer can be extremely helpful in ensuring that the parties get the compensation they deserve. These experienced car accident lawyers have special knowledge about rollover accidents and guide the injured parties all the way to the end of the case. The chances of getting justice can also improve when a rollover accident lawyer is hired. In order to hire a good lawyer for a successful case, the past cases of the lawyer must be reviewed. Focus should be on similar rollover accident cases that the lawyer has dealt with in the past to ascertain how good their chances are. There should never be any hesitation in asking the lawyer questions about the case and laying everything out in front of them truthfully.

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