When Things Go Wrong at a Beauty Salon

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Although it may not be something you’d normally think of, any of the employees in a beauty shop can hurt a customer by negligence. From the salon owner, hairdresser, manicurist or beautician; each of these professionals could make a poor decision with the tools of their trade and cause injury to a client. There are many types of injuries that can happen to clients at a beauty salon. Some of the injuries that can happen are due to negligence. These are a few of the ways customers at their local beauty salon can be injured by negligence or even abuse. At the top of the list are chemical burns. Those many chemicals that are applied to hair for perms, dying and other hair treatment if not mixed according to the directions can cause burns on the scalp or on other parts of the skin, the face, even the eyes.

Other applications in the beauty shops such as the laser hair removal tool or the hot materials from leg waxing can burn as well. The tools and instruments used if not cleaned properly can cause staph or bacterial infections. Equipment that is not working properly can cause abrasions and lacerations and even leave permanent scars. Beauty professionals are directly involved with giving treatments that effect the health, safety, comfort and welfare of the general public. The industry of cosmetology is regulated to protect the consumers.

Beauty salon must provide the customer with knowledgeable ability to render services to the needs they have for cosmetology. The professional must provide competent work in their area. Each time a customer comes in and gets a treatment, the beautician must test any new products on the patron’s skin or hair to make sure there are no allergic or adverse reactions. After this the hair stylist must also properly apply any given treatment. If this or the other step is not taken properly, the establishment could shirk its duty to the customer and cause harmful events. If this happens, then there is a possibility that too much risk was taken on the customer’s welfare and a breach has taken place.

Failure of the management of the salon to practice the proper best practices based on professional knowledge and standards is negligence and therefore could constitute a legal matter on behalf of the welfare of the customer. Neglecting to properly use a product according to the product directions is also a failure in the duty of the salon director or employees to care for the client’s welfare and well-being while they are getting beauty services or treatments. Proper best practices must be performed on all customers.

A beauty salon or nail salon is supposed to be a place of relaxation and enhancement, so don’t let this blog deter you from going to your favorite spots!  Just be aware of the conditions that should be observed at this places of business. The attorneys Zimmerman & Frachtman represent clients for numerous cases of individuals injured at beauty salons or nail salons in Florida.

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