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Truck Driver Dui Accidents

Florida Truck Driver DUI Accident Attorney

Drunk Driving

When a person gets behind the wheel of car, they are putting their lives at risk along with other drivers. This happens especially when the person behind the wheel of the truck is drunk. Drunk driving is a serious issue here in the United States. Every year thousands lose their lives and all because a drunk driver decides to place his life, as well as others, at risk. This can be said about any sort of vehicle, specifically trucks and big rigs because of the magnitude of the damage should they cause an accident.

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When a truck driver makes the choice to drive drunk, he or she is taking a calculated risk. This calculated risk is even more dangerous than those who drive cars. Driving a truck or big rig requires a lot of skill. There is more skill attached to a big rig than learning how to use a car, warranting the necessity of a specific license. One has to learn the proper ways of navigating and maneuvering. One needs to know how to handle the truck or big rig in slippery conditions as well, especially for Florida.

The Blood Alcohol Level

Under the Florida law, a truck driver is considered intoxicated at a 0.04 percent BAL or more, which is half the standard 0.08 in Florida for typical drivers. This is a stark contrast and one worth noting – it doesn’t matter how much the person has had to drink, once that limit is reached, the person is easily susceptible to DUI.

There is something that can be done. If someone has been injured by a drunk driver or knows someone who has, they can seek legal counsel immediately. They must also seek medical attention to ensure their injuries are going to be documented and medical bills can be traced. Find a lawyer who can help out.

Finding A Good Lawyer

Do some research. Ask a lot of questions. Based on this, the results can be narrowed down. Find a lawyer that has experience in this field. It’s also best to find someone who knows Florida law and how it pertains to truck drivers, inside and out. Don’t just wait for things to get better. Don’t just assume or place the blame on oneself. Seek qualified advice and service, from someone who knows the laws of drunk driving and who can be trusted.

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