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Clients choosing the legal services of Zimmerman & Frachtman in Hollywood and surrounding areas may have nothing in common as far as their cases or their personal circumstances. But every client receives attentive, reliable care from our skilled team. Each assigned attorney, paralegal, and legal assistant works together to focus on the individual client and their unique needs in every case. 

Honesty, clear communication, and hard work by trained professionals is the standard you’ll always see upheld when working with a legal professional located in Hollywood from Zimmerman & Frachtman.

The proof is easy to see: Over the past 20 years, the firm’s trial attorneys have recovered more than $300 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. Now, as always, we remain true to the ideals of compassion, tenacity, consistency, discipline, and respect for others.

Experienced Hollywood Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Hollywood personal injury lawyers’ sole focus is to represent people who have been harmed or even killed as a result of a third party. Over the past two decades, Zimmerman & Frachtman have successfully handled a variety of personal injury cases including:

Hollywood Lawyers Fighting for Your Right to Compensation

As knowledgeable trial lawyers and personal injury law specialists, the Boca Raton personal injury attorneys at Zimmerman & Frachtman handle a wide variety of cases with great success for our clients. If you have been the victim of someone else’s negligence in any kind of vehicular accident—car, motorcycle, airplane, truck, semi, trailer, boat, or personal watercraftwe can get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Accidents can happen at any time in Hollywood, FL; in any place, with no prior warning at all. When the unexpected and unthinkable happens, it can be confusing and scary. Often there are uncertainties that are better left to a professional personal injury lawyer to take care of. Because serving people with needs in the legal aspects of an accident is their life, personal injury attorneys are some of the few people you can call to take care of these needs and get the compensation that is deserved.

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Personal injury lawyers are able to handle the personal injury case in Hollywood with confidence and knowledge of the most current laws and victim’s rights. Having a knowledgeable team on the victim’s side gives them the edge over the insurance company who may be more interested in a settlement rather than pay the fair amount for injuries and damages. When the case has been sent to court, their team of lawyers, attorneys, and paralegals are willing and eager to represent clients against big insurance companies and possibly even get a settlement without court appearances. With years of experience in the retrieval of client’s payments, it can be assured that client’s best interests are the number one priority. When this type of situation arises, it is a great idea to have an empathetic representative to take the stress out of situations — especially the ones that involve medical issues.

There are also incidents that involve the need for medical attention. When someone is involved in life-altering accidents such as pedestrian accidents, dog bites, recreational accidents, and any other issue involving the need for medical attention, it is necessary to contact a professional attorney to assure that the expenses are covered. Having a competent team on the case will give the peace of mind while victims are recuperating from the trauma of the accident. Always keeping clients’ personal feelings and emotional states in mind when handling the case is standard practice when dealing with professional lawyers and legal staff.

Being the victim of an accident in Hollywood is not something that anyone wishes for; nevertheless, it does happen to everyone at some time. When it happens, it is best to hire a competent team of lawyers, attorneys, and paralegal staff to represent the case against insurance companies.

We also specialize in negligence claims surrounding serious or catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. That includes pedestrian accidents, cruise ship accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, sporting accidents such as parasailing or water skiing, and premises liability claims. When you are pursuing your right to compensation, keep in mind that the insurance companies that pay claims on behalf of their clients often employ a variety of tactics to try and avoid having to make payments; working with a personal injury attorney quickly can give you a major boost that may help you resolve your claim without having to go to court.

Wrongful Death Cases in Hollywood

Any claim that involves the death of a person due to another party can be considered as a wrongful death case. In the state of Florida, spouses, children, parents, and dependent family members are entitled to receive compensation for wrongful death lawsuits. All of the cases mentioned above can result in wrongful death cases as well as the following cases:

Medical Cases Handled With Special Care

We understand that some of the most emotional and stressful legal battles can revolve around various failures related to medical care or insurance. It is important to work with a Hollywood attorney that is able to understand and empathize with the stresses and pains of these particular cases; where some law firms may treat these claims as mundane, we take pride in treating each personal injury claim as an individual. Our team of Hollywood legal experts is proud to offer outstanding services in the areas related to:

A Hollywood Legal Team by Your Side

Located in North Broward County, our firm maintains a statewide practice. In addition to Florida, we currently have trial attorneys licensed to practice in state and/or federal courts in the following jurisdictions: Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.

Our Hollywood personal injury law firm is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and qualified experts in various fields, ensuring that every case is organized, focused, and effective. “Highly professional legal services, substantial resources, creativity, endurance, and commitment to our clients and the community” are the qualities that best describe Zimmerman & Frachtman.

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