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Truck accidents are some of the most devastating and catastrophic accidents that can occur on the road. The sheer size and weight of a commercial truck can cause severe damage to other vehicles and their occupants. If you or someone you love has been involved in a truck accident, you may be facing a long road to recovery. You may be unable to work, facing mounting medical bills, and struggling to support yourself and your family.

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Common Types of Truck Accidents

vehicle. These accidents can range from minor incidents to severe collisions causing significant damage, injuries, or even fatalities. Common types of truck accidents include:

  • Jackknife Accidents: This occurs when the trailer of a truck swings outward, forming an angle with the cab, resembling a partially opened pocket knife. It usually happens when the truck brakes suddenly and the trailer skids, losing traction.
  • Rollover Accidents: These accidents happen when a truck flips onto its side or roof. They can occur due to various factors such as high speed, sharp turns, uneven roads, or an imbalanced load.
  • Underride Accidents: This occurs when a smaller vehicle gets trapped under the rear or side of a truck, often due to abrupt braking or a collision. Underride guards on trucks aim to prevent these accidents.
  • Override Accidents: In contrast to underride accidents, an override accident happens when a truck rides over a smaller vehicle in a collision. This can occur due to various factors like high speed or a smaller vehicle abruptly stopping in front of the truck.
  • Blind Spot Accidents: Trucks have larger blind spots compared to regular vehicles. Accidents occur when a vehicle is in the blind spot of a truck, and the truck changes lanes or makes a turn without seeing the other vehicle.
  • Tire Blowouts: A blowout can cause a truck driver to lose control, leading to accidents. Poor maintenance, overloading, or road debris can cause tire blowouts.
  • Cargo Spills: Improperly secured cargo can fall off a truck, leading to accidents or obstacles on the road for other vehicles.

These accidents can result from various factors, including driver error, mechanical failure, poor road conditions, weather, or even external factors such as the actions of other drivers. The consequences of truck accidents can be severe due to the size and weight of these vehicles, often resulting in significant damage, injuries, or loss of life.

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident?

Truck accident cases are often more complex than other types of motor vehicle accident cases. This is because there are often multiple liable parties in a truck accident case. In addition to the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck’s manufacturer, and other parties may be held liable for a truck accident.

Some of the most common liable parties in a truck accident case include:

  • The truck driver – If the truck driver was negligent in any way and this negligence caused the accident, the truck driver may be held liable. For example, if the truck driver was speeding, driving while fatigued, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may be held liable for the accident.
  • The trucking company – The trucking company may be held liable for a truck accident if the accident occurred while the truck driver was working. Additionally, the trucking company may be held liable if they failed to properly maintain the truck, if they failed to properly train the truck driver, or if they forced the truck driver to work longer hours than legally allowed.
  • The truck’s manufacturer – If the truck’s manufacturer produced a defective truck or truck part, and this defect caused the accident, the manufacturer may be held liable. For example, if the truck’s brakes failed and this caused the accident, the manufacturer may be held liable.
  • The truck’s cargo loader – If the truck’s cargo was not properly loaded and this caused the accident, the cargo loader may be held liable. For example, if the truck’s cargo was not properly secured and it fell off the truck and caused an accident, the cargo loader may be held liable.
  • The truck’s maintenance company – If the truck’s maintenance company failed to properly maintain the truck and this failure caused the accident, the maintenance company may be held liable.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Truck accident cases are often more complex than other types of motor vehicle accident cases. There may be multiple liable parties, and the trucking company and their insurance provider will likely have a team of lawyers on their side. You need an experienced truck accident lawyer in Parkland who can level the playing field and fight for your rights.

Our Parkland truck accident lawyer can help by:

  • Investigating the accident – We will investigate the accident and gather evidence to help prove liability. This may include reviewing the truck driver’s logbook, the truck’s “black box” data, and the trucking company’s maintenance records. We may also work with accident reconstruction experts and other professionals to help build your case.
  • Calculating the full value of your damages – Our team will help you understand the full extent of your damages and calculate the value of your claim. This will include both your current and future damages, such as your future medical expenses and lost earning capacity.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company – Our lawyers will handle all negotiations with the insurance company and fight for a fair settlement on your behalf. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, we will be prepared to take your case to trial.
  • Handling all legal paperwork and deadlines – We will handle all legal paperwork and deadlines in your case, so you can focus on your recovery. This includes filing your lawsuit, drafting and filing all necessary legal documents, and ensuring that all deadlines are met.

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