Holiday Cheer

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The holidays are upon us once again. This is a festive time for fun and family. Unfortunately, it is also a time when the fast pace and holiday cheer can result in tragedy. Here are some tips to have a safe and happy holiday season.

NEGLIGENT DRIVERS are on the roads every day of the year. During the holidays we must be particularly careful because there is generally more congestion on the roads and other drivers are preoccupied with shopping, locating parking spaces and calling mom on the cell phone to find out what gift to pick up for Aunt May.

PROTECT YOURSELF by driving defensively. Assume the other driver is not paying attention. Unfortunately, you must also be prepared for the worst. Auto accidents will occur. Examining your automobile insurance coverage is a great place to start. Do you have Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM Coverage)? If you don’t, you are at great risk of not being able to collect compensation for injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident.

UM COVERAGE provides insurance coverage for your injuries in the event the at-fault driver has no insurance or has a low amount of coverage on his or her insurance policy. Contact your insurance agent today and make sure you have adequate coverage.

IF YOU ARE IN AN ACCIDENT don’t contact companies that advertise and make promises about what you may be entitled to. Call an attorney directly! Many of these companies or referral services are looking to simply direct you to the care of a physician to charge your personal injury protection insurance. You may have heard commercials advising you to call because you may be entitled to $10,000.00 in benefits. Don’t be fooled! The companies in question are referencing benefits that you are entitled to regardless of fault through your own policy or insurance under the Personal Injury Protection coverage.

DISCLOSE ALL HO– USEHOLD DRIVERS. It is important to make sure you have made the appropriate disclosures to your insurance company about drivers in your household. There are circumstances when we have failed to provide information about a new driver who resides in our home. This failure to disclose that there is a new driver who may be driving the insured automobile, could result in a denial of coverage by your insurance company. In the event that you are at fault in the accident, your insurance company may not pay to repair your automobile and may not pay for the damages to the other vehicle or compensation for the other driver if injured.

Finally, DO NOT GIVE A STATEMENT to an insurance company before contacting an attorney to protect your rights. The insurance companies have many professionals including investigators, adjusters and attorneys whose sole function is to protect the insurance companies. You deserve to have your rights protected! An attorney who is knowledgeable in the law of personal injury will guide you through the process giving you the best opportunity for success in your case.

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