Medical Malpractice Found to be Common Within VA Hospitals

closeup image of surgical mask, stethoscope, and gloves

Medical malpractice is a matter that affects hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, and it can result in serious consequences to the victim of medical malpractice. This can include things like pain and suffering, lost wages, additional medical expenses, and it can result in life threatening situations. One of the most common places that medical malpractice happens is at VA hospitals.

Medical malpractice towards veterans is a serious matter, and in many cases doctors feel that they do not need to report malpractice towards veterans. In addition, many veterans may not be aware of malpractice in many cases. The amount of medical malpractice in VA hospitals is so common that it has resulted in a major insurance administrator it issue a warning to doctors about the need to report malpractice, and that there are serious consequences for failing to do so.

One thing that greatly effect doctors wo happen to engage or fail to report medical malpractice is having them be reviewed by their state’s licensing board. There are medical malpractice boards for each state, and there are also specialty boards that review persons such as psychologists. These boards can suspend, or even permanently revoke, a doctor’s license to practice medicine. This can result in the doctor never being able to practice medicine again.

Another common way that persons can gain recourse against a doctor who happened to engage in medical malpractice is to enlist the help of a VA medical malpractice lawyer. A lawyer is able to pursue legal recourse against the doctor, and they are able to sue doctors even if they directly work for the government. A good lawyer is able to help the harmed person to gather evidence that they were in fact harmed, and that the harm was the result of the malpractice by the doctor. The lawyer can file a suit against the doctor that seeks to gain compensation for everything from lost wages to the risk of death the person faced as the result of malpractice. A lawyer can gain compensation by either taking the doctor to court, or the lawyer can negotiate with the doctor’s insurance agency on an out of court basis. The lawyer can also pursue legal action against the hospital, or from the Department of Veterans Affairs as a whole.  If any of these options sound important to you, speak with a lawyer at Zimmerman & Frachtman today and learn more.

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