A New Invention Plans to Reduce the Act of Rubbernecking

Closeup of car accidents

Sitting in traffic can be frustrating enough, but when you finally get moving and realize it was the result of drivers rubbernecking at a crime scene, that can really bring out the worst in many drivers. Carl Cannova was tired of sitting in traffic near his Bradenton, Florida home, so he invented a new device designed to eliminate drivers from being able to rubberneck.

This portable screening device is being used by law enforcement agencies to block the view of drivers from seeing what is happening at the crime scene. Whether the black curtain hides the identity of a criminal, or blocks the view of a tragic accident, drivers will no longer be able to stop and gawk at the police as they try to take care of business.

Soon after an automobile accident on the highway, drivers begin slowing down to look or worse yet take pictures they post on their social media profiles. The rubbernecking creates a slowdown in traffic that can back up cars for several miles. This is when tempers flare and drivers often get involved in altercations or accidents while trying to get out of the traffic jam.

When Cannova invented the new SRN 1000 privacy device, he had no idea how many law enforcement agencies would embrace this unique item. The screen is extremely durable, able to withstand winds in excess of 30 miles an hour. The device is weather resistant, and unfolds from the carry bag in seconds. Once the six foot by twelve foot screen is open, it can shield drivers from just about any police investigation. The police chief of the Sarasota office bought two screens at over $2,000 a piece for her team to use on the highway.

While the screen works to hide the incident from drivers, it provides the police the opportunity to take the time needed to fully process the crime scene. In the past the police were under the gun to move along the investigation to free up that congestion on the highway, now the traffic will move along more easily because there simply is nothing to see any longer.

With more than 400 of the units sold to over 20 different states, the idea of eliminating rubbernecking has gotten serious. The slowdown in traffic can simply lead to more accidents and more injuries the longer the backup were to persist. The SRN 1000 works to alleviate bottlenecks and rubbernecking, lessening the likelihood of altercations on the road from road rages.

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