Median And Crossover Accidents

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Cross-Over Accidents Reported Often

A crash that occurred on I-10 critically injured a man and killed a woman in Leon County. According to the state patrol, the accident occurred when a semi-truck crossed the median and crashed into the pickup truck. The pickup truck was crushed in the accident.  These kinds of accidents are all too common throughout Florida.

Crossover And Median Accidents

Medians are barriers that are designed to separate traffic going in the opposite direction. They help prevent a crash that occurs on one side of the road from crossing over and causing a head-on collision.

Injuries From Median Cross Over Accidents

Head-on collisions that occur as the result of a median crossover are typically more severe than other types of accidents. These accidents often cause more fatalities and serious injuries. Median crossover accidents often result in side impact or frontal crashes. The vehicle damage is often severe because median crossover accidents typically occur at very high speeds. Additionally, vehicles are often crushed as the result of the impact.

Both passengers and drivers are often propelled forward during a median crossover accident. If a person is not wearing a seat belt, then he or she may be thrown from the vehicle. People who are ejected from a vehicle often suffer catastrophic spinal cord or head injuries if they don’t end up being a fatality as a result.

Even if a person is wearing a seat belt, he or she may still suffer a serious injury. The type of injuries that a person suffers can vary. However, many people who are involved in a median crossover accident suffer injuries to the chest and head.

Contact Baker &Zimmerman If You Have Suffered Injuries In A Median Crossover Accident

Most of the highways in Florida have barriers in order to reduce the chances of an accident. However, if there are no highway barriers, or the barrier is ineffective, then a crossover accident that results in serious injuries can occur. If you have been involved in a crossover accident, then you should contact Zimmerman & Frachtman. We can determine who is at fault from the accident and fight for compensation you deserve after pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

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