Product LiabilityThere’s an uproar in the automotive industry following Japanese auto parts company Takata decision not to commit to a recall compensation fund. Lawmakers are exercising extreme measures to make Takata see reason, but all efforts have proven futile. Automotive industry giant GM (General Motors) was involved in a similar intervention after recalling over 2+ million vehicles suspected of having faulty ignition. Nonetheless, GM established a reasonable compensation fund to shoulder the recall shortcomings. Takata has opted not to follow suit. This has angered lawmakers, including Connecticut-based Democrat Leader Richard Blumenthal. Appalled by the Takata’s action, senator Blumenthal intervened and expressed sentiments of disappointment.

Takata recalled an approximate 34 million automobiles found to have faulty airbag-inflator. Upon deploying the airbags, drivers have reported being afflicted by pieces of metal. That said, the injured needs a reliable personal injury defense lawyer. The death toll has reached 8 thus far and over 100 passengers have fallen victim to faulty airbag inflation injuries. Senator Blumenthal isn’t pleased with what’s happening and wants Takata to take accountability. He’s urged the manufacturer to reconsider their take on the recall compensation fund.

Takata responded to Blumenthal reiterating that they’re extremely sympathetic with those injured and the families of deceased victims; however, they prefer to issue compensation on a case-by-case basis rather than establishing a designated fund. Takata intends to continue revisiting the opportunities and shortfalls of incorporating a viable compensation as they await the decision of the pending lawsuit in Florida. For now, after carefully considering the opportunity, they’re firmly backing the decision not to pursue the program. Should Takata decide to opt in later they’ll keep the community updated.

Should this happen to a Florida resident, Zimmerman & Frachtman personal injury defense team can suggest the best recourse. As a trusted law firm with a robust defense team, superior industry experience and a solid reputation representing the injured in Florida; Zimmerman & Frachtman promises fair compensation for those involved. Takata is open to handling settlements on a case-by-case basis.