Answering the Problems of the Depuy Asr™ XL Acetabular System

Frayed wire

The ASR™ XL Acetabular System is a completely metal joint replacement device made of 3 parts, the femoral stem, ball and joint. It is unique because commonly, not all parts of joint replacement prosthesis are metal.

Common Problems and the Associated Symptoms of the ASR™ XL Acetabular System

The metals that construct the device are Chromium and Cobalt. These metals are used singularly and in combination, and in high levels, can cause tissue damage in surrounding areas that are not associated with the hip implant. These heavy metals can also invade the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Other problems with the implant include fractures, hip, thigh and groin pain, as well as pain walking. The devices incur component misalignment, loosening and clicking, as well as shedding of metal fragments that can also lead to surrounding healthy tissue damage.

The Proper Procedure for Patients with a Defective DePuy ASR™ XL Hip Replacement

The first possible course of action for people who have the defective device is to contact our law firm. We will guide you through the necessary steps of making the proper claims to rectify this most serious situation. The official recall notices state that DePuy, doctors and hospitals have been notified of the defective device and that they should notify all patients who have received the defective, dangerous implant. If you have not received a notice and have had any replacement of this kind, our law offices can be reached – we suggest calling one of our attorneys for a free case review. Our staff is trained in this event and is here to assist the suffering patient to request and obtain the necessary information from all medical services involved in the transplant.

The DePuy ASR™ XL Hip Replacement System Failure Rate

The failure rate is listed as thirteen percent in the first five years. However, because these systems have only been on the market a short time, our lawyers expect the number of patients afflicted with this device to skyrocket as the event horizon approaches a critical level due to more extensive use. We suggest that patients that are afflicted with the defective device keep a daily journal of their pain and suffering, and we will use your personal experience with the harmful device to effect suitable recompense for your considerable pain and suffering. Remember, as soon as you suspect your device is of this type; call the Law Offices of Zimmerman & Frachtman. Our lawyers for defective hip replacements will begin to defend your rights immediately.

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