Woman Regains Her Sight After Being Blind for 21 Years

closeup of car accident

Mary Ann Franco is a medical miracle. She recently regained her sight after being blind for 21 years. She looks forward to waking up every morning and seeing the sunrise. She considers her sight to be a gift. Mary was involved in a terrible car accident back in 1995. She lost her vision a few days after the accident.

Mary recently suffered a fall in her home. She injured her spine and had to undergo surgery. When Mary woke up from surgery, she realized that she could see. She asked the nurse to give her something for the pain. She also told the nurse everything that she could see.

Not only did Mary get her sight back, but she can see better than she did before the accident. She was colorblind before the accident. She can now distinguish between different colors. Mary’s life has gotten a lot better since she has gotten her sight back. She now knows what her cat and dog look like. She also has an easier time doing her chores.

Mary recently met with Dr. John Afshar, who is the doctor who performed her surgery. He cannot explain how Mary got her sight back. He calls it a miracle and says that he has never seen anything like this before. However, he does have a theory.

Dr. Afshar says that there is an artery in the spine that leads to the part of the brain that controls vision. He believes that this artery was injured during the accident. The surgery may have taken the kink out of the artery, which is what possibly gave Mary her sight back.

Dr. Afshar calls this a medical mystery. However, Mary says that miraculously getting her sight back is a gift from God. One of the things that she enjoys most about having her sight back is being able to see photos of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Mary has a son and a daughter. Her son recently died. She also has seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She marveled at the photos of her family. Mary also looks forward to seeing her family in person this summer.

Mary’s daughter, Michelle, recently flew from Michigan to Florida to spend time with her mom. Mary could not stop staring at her daughter and complimenting her. Mary cannot wait to see the rest of her family.

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