Snapchat App Catches Moments Leading Up To Fatal Auto Accident

closeup of car accident

The popular social media app, Snapchat is used by many to capture moments of fun with friends. However, for one Port Charlotte couple, Snapchat chronicled the moments that led to their death. Wesley Chery was behind the wheel while Brittany Beni occupied the passenger seat. Chery somehow lost control of the vehicle. It careened off the road and briefly went airborne before crashing into a road sign. Both 21-year-olds were killed at the moment of impact. Upon investigation, authorities came across some interesting evidence that shed some light on the possible reasons for the deadly wreck.

Only a few hours before the fatal moment, Snapchat videos were uploaded that showed Chery drinking alcoholic beverages and taking shots with a good group of friends. The videos began on Sunday night at 11 PM and continued until about one the next morning. It was just an hour later that the unspeakable would happen. It was after this excessive amount of drinking that Chery allegedly got into the car with Beni.

While authorities have not officially stated that alcohol played a factor in the fatal accident, many organizations against drunk driving are speaking out about this senseless accident.

“It’s so heartbreaking because one decision to get behind the wheel of a car after having anything that impairs you can just end so tragically,” Lori Burke with Mothers Against Drunk Driving said.

Malania Mote, another representative with Mothers Against Drunk Driving also shared her thoughts on the incident.

“Not to point fingers at each other. Not to think of the ‘what ifs’ and realize that there are families out here that are devastated. They’re going to go through some emotional roller coasters right now. The best thing we can do right now is be there for them,” Mote said.

The community is rallying together to support the family and friends of these young victims, Friends spoke to the local media and explained that Chery and Beni were extremely caring and generous souls who will be missed greatly. The families of the two hope that this tragedy will be an example of how serious drunk driving can be and the consequences it could have.

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