The Potential for Seat-Back Failure

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One of the most common components of evidence when injuries are suffered in an auto accident is a broken seat-back. While car manufacturers are often detail driven concerning other safety features on a vehicle, many times the engineered design for the back of a front seat can get overlooked. In addition, seats in the back of a van or SUV can also have the same inefficient designs that lack strong safety features, which then can result in significant injuries when car components get dislodged. Comfort is often given more consideration than safety during the design process, especially in smaller vehicles. In return, many of the types of injuries sustained from being struck by a front seat back are very serious. This can be a major factor in settling a car accident personal injury claim that many Florida personal injury attorneys will not evaluate, but a broken seat back can actually enhance the value of a personal injury claim in many instances.

Typical Personal Injuries from Seat Back Failure
Accidents involving injuries due to seat back failure are often rear-end accidents that result in the front seat breaking backwards in response to the impact. The size of the individual in the front seat can also matter, especially in smaller vehicles, and injuries will normally occur to the legs and front of the body. Many times in very bad accidents there are even fatalities from direct impact with a broken seat back. A broken seat back can also cause injury to the individual in the front seat because the seat belt does not work properly after the seat back is broken and also creates further risk of injury to all other passengers. Significant long-term damages from leg and back injuries are very common, even in seemingly minor accidents, as these types of injuries can easily impact the future mobility of the victim. So, the evidence of a broken seat back is very important in settlement negotiation.

Product Liability Claims
Product liability claims due to injuries suffered in an accident are not uncommon, and cases involving broken seat backs are regular claims. Product liability cases are different from personal injury cases because the plaintiff legal counsel is not required to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer under strict liability laws, as manufacturers are held liable for the proper operation of manufactured products. The evidence from a personal injury case can then be used in establishing a case for product liability that can be processed separately from the auto accident injury claims. This potential can greatly increase the value of a claim and the possibility of being made financially whole after the fact, as many injuries suffered due to broken seat backs can result in a lifetime of associated medical problems.

Anyone who has been injured by a broken seat back in an auto accident should contact our firm for a complete and quick evaluation of the merits of your case. We are focused on product liability as well as personal injury and have been in business for over 20 years. Put our experience work for you.

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