Saying Thank You to the First Responders

In Tallahassee, Florida, the recent recognition of several members of the first responders took place. Among those recognized was Chris Smith, the Deputy Sheriff in Leon County.

Born to a bomber-pilot father who was part of the Strategic Air Command, his military family upbringing gave him quite a bit of information going into his future career. He was also surrounded by Air Force brats with friends, classmates, and even his siblings helped shaped him into the man he is today.

When he was younger, he deals with injuries and even death in his family, but those that remained alive to serve as an Army officer, former Marine, and a Navy Seaman. Deputy Smith even has a ranking officer in his family that was stationed right in the Pentagon. Smith was fortunate enough to be given the American Flag that covered his father’s casket as well as some of his personal effects.

Because of his past, Deputy Smith has always held those in the military with high esteem and great respect. It is his goal in life to celebrate the deserving members of the military on every occasion no matter what it may be.

It was another huge opportunity for him to show his respect when the Tallahassee local newspaper wrote about the local automobile dealership gift certificates to the first responders, which includes emergency medical professionals, law enforcement officers, and even firefighters.

The first responders are expected to carry around various equipment, including things like first aid kits in the back of law enforcement officer’s patrol cars. It is also important since many times these contents and equipment must be used in the line of duty. There are very few ways that the law enforcement officers in Florida and throughout the country are recognized and memorialized for their hard work and service. It was quite the surprise when the gift certificate was given.

In fact, one of the reasons they gave the gift certificates was to recognize the number of officers killed in the line of duty each year. In 2017 alone, there were 161 officers shot down and killed in the line of duty, which equals close to one officer almost every other day. However, these statistics do not include things like personal injury or disabled officers.

It is the belief of Deputy Smith that all of the first responders should be given recognition equally no matter what branch they work for, especially when they are put in the line of duty constantly, sacrificing themselves for the protection of others. When State Troopers are woken from sleep to head back to duty for an emergency, it is important to recognize their hard work. That is why the Tallahassee Chrysler Dodge car dealership in the area decided to do something spectacular for these men and women. Deputy Smith chooses well by backing this giving back to the first responders. This incredible gift was a great way to applaud these men and women and give them a big “thank-you” for their dedication and hard work they put in every day.

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