Common Myths About Personal Injuries

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Personal injury cases are more common than many people tend to think. However, most people are discouraged to seek compensation due to the numerous myths surrounding these types of cases. Here are some common myths about personal injury cases.

1. Minor Injuries Don’t Qualify as Personal Injuries

If you have suffered a minor injury, you may be reluctant to hire a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. However, this would be a big mistake on your part. Minor injuries demand attention which will require you to pay medical bills. If someone is to blame for the injuries, you need to have them cover your medical expenses.

Insurance companies tend to downplay the significance of minor injuries. In some cases, their offers do not cater for your expenses. You need to speak to a person who is knowledgeable in personal injury law in Fort Lauderdale. They will help you get the amount of money you need to cater for your accident.

2. Personal Injury Cases Are Not Resolve Quickly

Many people are discouraged from seeking damages because they hear that personal injury claims take long to get resolved. However, this does not apply to all cases. Many personal injury claims do not go to trial and end in settlements.

It is probable that your claim will reach trial and take a couple of years to resolve. Also, there’s a chance it will be resolved quickly.

To determine how long your case will last, you need to consult a lawyer. They will consider the technicalities of your case and give you a sneak preview of what to brace yourself for.

3. The Defendant Compensates You from Their Pocket

In some situations, the injured part can identify the person who injured them. In such cases, they do not intend to hurt them financially. However, the involved parties, in most cases, do not compensate the claimant from their pocket. Instead, their insurance company is responsible for compensating the injured party.

This is the case with auto accidents. This is because most state laws require motorists to have car insurance. In such a case, your damage award will be granted by the insurance company.

4. You Don’t Need a Lawyer if you have Insurance

Even though you have insurance, it doesn’t mean you do not need legal representation. Your insurance company does not always side with claimants in personal injury claims. Their aim is to earn profit. This is why they try to offer claimants less money than is necessary to meet their expenses.

When you work with an attorney, you have a good chance of getting a good settlement. Your lawyer knows how to negotiate for an offer that is fair enough for your claim.

5. There Is No Deadline For Filing Claims

Some people go for long before filing personal injury claims. They think that there is no time limit for filing these claims. However, in many states, there are statutes of limitations for filing personal injury claims. The deadline for filing a claim depends on the severity of your injury.

In states like Florida, they are specific laws on getting compensated for your personal injuries. For this reason, you need to reach out to Friedland & Associates to get assistance. An experienced lawyer will help you file a claim within the required time limits.

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