Florida to Be Hit With Potentially Record-Setting Heat Wave Just in Time for Memorial Day Weekend

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The Weather Channel is already reporting that a heat wave could be coming through, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. The popular channel is projecting that the heat wave could build as it moves across the southeastern United States. The channel also says that this particular heat wave could even shatter previous May records. 

While Orlando is not projected to bear the worst part of the heat wave, the area may still see a high temperature. Locals and tourists should be prepared to deal with a very hot 96 degrees over the weekend. That’s hot, even for Orlando. It is crucial to be prepared for scorching hot days such as these. 

Tallahassee residents and tourists should be the ones preparing themselves the most for the oppressing heat. They are expected to get the brunt of the heat wave, with temperatures hitting the triple digits in some areas. For those that wonder if this is a normal temperature for the area, it isn’t. It has been years since Tallahassee has seen these kinds of temperatures. The record for May was 102 degrees, set on May 27th, 1953. 

However, Tallahassee isn’t the only city to have to deal with such high numbers when it comes to the weather forecast. Gainesville and Jacksonville may see temperatures almost as high. The Weather Channel is forecasting temperatures up near 99 degrees over the Memorial Day weekend for these two cities. 

Many people believe that these temperatures are par for the course in these particular states. However, even by the Sunshine State standards, these numbers are high. It’s no wonder that experts are already offering advice about how to stay cool during the hotter days of the year. 

It is important to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your pets not only during a heat wave but during any other hot day or night. One way is to do what you can to simply avoid exposure to the heat. If you live in an air-conditioned home, stay inside as much as possible. Keep fans running and make sure your pets stay indoors with you. 

Remember, staying hydrated is crucial when the temperatures are so high. Be sure that you and your loved ones are drinking enough water. Avoid alcohol in high temperatures. Wear light-colored clothing when you are outside, and make sure to take advantage of any available shade if you must be outdoors. Better yet, head to the nearest pool to cool off.