3 Back to School Safety Tips

Kids with backpacks on entering a school buildingIt may not feel like the dog days of summer are over but August is fleeting and the new school year has started. The “back-to-school” shopping sprees are behind us, students’ bags are packed and now it’s time to leave for school.

It is every drivers’ responsibility to obey school zones, slow down in the rain and be extra vigilant of children at intersections and crosswalks. Further, new research has provided additional safety tips that will help keep your children out of harm’s way during this school year.

1. Take the school bus

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “school buses are the safest way for children to travel to and from school.”

2. Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes early.

The greatest risk to a child is not riding a bus, but approaching or leaving one. By arriving at the bus stop 5 minutes early you can ensure your child stays back from the curb/roadway and they properly enter and exit the bus.

3. If walking or riding a bicycle to school, always stop and look left-right-left for cars before crossing a street

Before crossing an intersection or roadway the first danger to your child is the traffic approaching from the left. Remember to always look left-right-left before crossing.

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