Do I Need to Provide a Recorded Statement?

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When insurance adjusters learn you have been in an accident, they’ll reach out to you and request as much information as possible. They might inform you that they will record your statement during the conversation. However, you should know that you have rights during this time.

Recorded statements can harm your case. Before speaking with insurance adjusters, it helps to speak with a lawyer about your rights and options moving forward.

Recorded Statements Work Against You

Insurance adjusters will use recorded statements to ask you questions to which they already know the answer. Their goal is to get discrepancies in your statements. If they can show that you contradicted yourself or said something they can use against you, they will diminish your claim’s value.

Hiring a Lawyer Can Help

You don’t have to provide insurance adjusters with a recorded statement on your own. When insurance adjusters start asking questions, you may direct them to speak with your lawyer. Your lawyer can answer any questions that the insurance company asks and provide them with only the necessary information.

Insurance adjusters don’t want you to hire a lawyer. They know that if you hire a lawyer, they can’t take advantage of your vulnerable situation. A lawyer safeguards you from their tactics and lets you focus on your recovery while also keeping insurance companies honest throughout the process. We will be there to help you deal with insurance adjusters every step of the way.

At Zimmerman & Frachtman, P.A., we put you first. Our Florida car accident lawyers make it a priority to protect your best interests and hold the negligent parties accountable. We want to seek the maximum compensation available to you, and we’ll go to great lengths to safeguard you when it matters most.

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