Dealing with the Aftermath of a Drunk Driving Accident

driver with bottle of alcohol

Drunk driving accidents are some of the most difficult to endure. Not only are intoxicated drivers very dangerous, but they also become challenging to deal with in the aftermath of a crash. Below, our team will detail some of the things that can keep you safe following a collision with a drunk driver.

Call Law Enforcement

In a situation involving a drunk driver, there may be a heightened chance of contention. A drunk driver may not be willing to communicate with you and exchange vital information regarding your accident. As such, you should call law enforcement officers who can come out to your location.

A law enforcement officer can approach your crash scene and get statements from you and the other driver. The officer can also create an accident report detailing insurance information, contact information, and more. All of the above information can help when filing a claim.

Be Cautious

You must be cautious when dealing with a potentially drunk driver. You never know when they will be hostile and create a dangerous situation for you. If you can leave it up to the law enforcement officer to manage things, that may be the best-case scenario for the aftermath of your crash.

While you need to gather information after a crash, you should focus on your safety first. Make sure you do everything you can to safeguard yourself and your rights to compensation. However, working with a law enforcement officer and a legal team can provide you with a strong plan moving forward.

Our team at Zimmerman & Frachtman, P.A. knows how difficult this can be for you. Our goal is to pursue maximum compensation for your damages. You can trust our Florida car accident lawyers to stand by your side during a difficult situation and go above and beyond for you when it matters most.

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