48.5 Million Submission to Jury in Jet Ski Accident

Personal Water Craft Death – $48,500,000.00 Submission to Jury. Confidential Settlement, January 2006
In August of 1999, plaintiff’s 12-year-old daughter took out a personal watercraft (jet Ski) under the supervision of the owner’s 17 year old son. The jet ski was not equipped with a rudder, nor was there an age-based warning present anywhere on the craft. Since it was not possible to steer the personal watercraft with the throttle off, the 12-year-old ran it into a dock in the Intracoastal Waterway and died as a result of blunt trauma to the head resulting from the collision. Experts on behalf of the plaintiff opined that the manufacturer was negligent in not posting a warning on the personal watercraft (jet ski) stating that it should not be operated by persons under the age of 16; which safety studies have shown to be necessary. Jet ski accident attorney Robert B. Baker asked the jury to render a verdict for $48,500,000.00 in closing argument. The jury proceeded to deliberations, at which time, a confidential settlement was reached between the parties.