Holiday Cruise Safety Precautions

Rescue boats on a cruise ship

Booking a cruise on a major cruise line can be one of the most exciting events in a person’s life. Everything is prepared for a vacation at home, but few people consider the possibility of personal injury and property damages happening on board while enjoying the seascapes.

Major Cruise Lines Fall Under Federal Jurisdiction

When bodily injury, theft and other criminal activities happen on a major cruise line, claims must be recorded in Federal Court. Cruise lines provide a service for an international community, so local and in-house arbitration is not possible. The Federal Court in the city nearest the cruise line’s port-of-call is likely to be where all lawsuits and criminal investigations take place.

A Small Time Frame For Reporting Cruise Ship Incidents

Maritime law allows a one-year statute of limitations on all claims happening on cruise ships. This is marked from the official record of the incident. One year seems like a long time. For the elderly, families, legal counsel and parties, twelve months is considered a small time frame for filing all necessary papers in the appropriate circuit. This is why it is extremely important to consult a maritime lawyer as soon as possible after your disembark from a cruise.

Maritime Law Protects The Cruise Ship Parent Companies

When something happen to person or property on a cruise ship, the first party that plaintiffs go to seek damages is the cruise ship company and crew itself. Usually, the only way a cruise ship is liable for damages is through gross negligence. This is a rare judgment. People suffering a loss will likely have to file criminal, small claims or other civil lawsuits in Federal Court to have their claims rewarded.

Heinous Crimes On-Board

Homicide, rape, assault and theft in extraordinary amounts that happen on a cruise ship invoke the provisions of Federal law. Since a diverse crowd of people are likely on-board, these harsh criminal proceedings can take years to investigate. Many different maritime, consular, and treaty-based laws can become factors in deciding the resolution of such cases.

Whenever booking a cruise, it is absolutely imperative that guest research the cruise line’s safety protocols and governance mandates. More importantly, it is recommended that each guest take an account of how they can remain safe while on board, and what risks are taken with having certain items in-tow. A cruise ship is like a theme park and a Las Vegas hotel floating in the middle of the sea. How to behave and safely enjoy the type of venue should be priority number one!

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