How Common Are Parasailing Accidents?

Beached sailboat on its side

As south Florida’s tourism industry continues to expand and develop, one of the frightening side effects has been an increase in accidents and injuries coming from fun activities; as any Delray Beach personal injury lawyer can tell you, not everyone who gets the licensing and paperwork completed to run a watersports business has an eye on safety. While many individuals in the tourism industry are very aware of the possibilities of injury, there are some who—either through greed or through ignorance or even the pressure of demand—don’t take the precautions that they should. One of the growing concerns among lawmakers and south Florida personal injury attorneys alike is the increasing frequency of parasailing accidents.

Some numbers of accidents in any activity are to be expected, of course; there are factors and variables that no one can predict or take into consideration, and pure accidents are not always directly someone’s fault. However, there are some precautions that those interested in participating in the pastime should be aware of. While a claim for parasailing accident injuries can result in compensation for the negligence of the operator, it’s vital to do everything you can to avoid the lingering pain—and possibly even death—that a fatal accident leaves behind. Delray Beach personal injury lawyers are well aware that there are some very big red flags to look out for, and if you make sure to check for these possibilities, you will be much safer.

One of the potential red flags to look out for is a company that hasn’t been in business for long; while there are new companies coming up every day in tourism industries in Florida, if you have the option of working with a company that has been in business for a longer period of time—and thus has a good reputation—then you should definitely opt for that company over one who hasn’t necessarily had the chance to establish itself; after all, if they have no reputation at all, you have no way of really knowing what standards they adhere to. In addition, the parasailing company you do business with should be licensed by both the state and the city or county; they should not have any qualms about providing you with verification of their licensing. The Parasail Safety Council also recommends that you ensure that the captain of the boat is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain.

Some of the common things that can possibly go wrong during parasailing include: malfunctioning boat, towline, harness, or sail, dangerous conditions, improperly trained staff—which leads to dangerous proximity to other vessels, beaches and structures as well as other precautions not being taken, and the results of improperly briefing passengers as to the dangers and how to react to them. Make sure that if you have booked a parasailing adventure for yourself, you check the weather both the morning of your appointment and closer to the time that you are supposed to go out; dangerous weather conditions can erupt quickly, and you shouldn’t go up if conditions are unsafe. Also make sure that the parasailing company checks the equipment routinely, and can explain and train you on what to do in the event of malfunction. By taking a few basic precautions, you can avoid having to hire a Delray Beach personal injury attorney to assist you in a parasailing accident claim.

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