A Safe Summer Includes Motorcycle Safety

Aftermath of a motorcycle accident; bike on its side

Summer time is a great opportunity for motorcyclists to get out into the open air and enjoy the long days and clear weather. It is also a time where more and more people venture out to enjoy time with family and friends. This increase in vehicular traffic also increases the chances of a negative encounter between motorcycles and larger vehicles, making driver and motorcycle safety even more imperative.  Dealing with a motorcycle accident in Florida can put a hamper on your summer plans in an instant.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation show that during the summer driving period the rate of accidents that occur between motorcycles and other drivers dramatically increase. Research into these accidents and their causes by various agencies indicate the frequent cause of the motorcycle/auto encounter is the driver of the larger vehicle was unable to see the motorcycle or was distracted and therefore was unaware of the presence of the motorcycle.

Accidents with causes of those listed above make it imperative for all drivers on the road to be aware of other traffic and situations around them. For auto and truck driver, qualities like situational awareness and non-distracted driving are key for avoiding a potentially serious accident. While the same applies to a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist should also make sure to obey all traffic regulations and wear the appropriate safety gear.

In situations where an accident between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle occur, retaining the services of experienced and knowledgeable people to navigate the post-accident morass of insurance and medical issues. Having an accident is never pleasant and even less so when it involves a motorcyclist. Retaining an attorney in the event of such an accident is not so much about money but taking care of the needs that result from such a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies often take their own interest into account before that of the injured parties. In such regard, having an attorney helps provide the necessary impetus on the part of the responding companies to deal equitably with the injured or effected.

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