What You Need to Know About Headaches and Motorcycle Accidents

aftermath of a motorcycle accident, bike on its side

A motorcycle accident is one of the most dangerous accidents that usually occur around the world. This accident is very serious and can result in severe fractures around the neck, thighs, ribs and arms. A motorcycle accident can also lead to injuries to the spinal cord.

However, the most dangerous injury caused by a motorcycle accident is a head injury. External head injuries can make the victim to bleed excessively. Internal head injuries, on the other hand, can damage the victim’s brain.

Lawyers in Orlando often handle many cases related to motorcycle accident claims. They have enabled the families of the victims to recover damages caused by brain injuries and other dangerous injuries inflicted on their loved ones as a result of motorcycle accidents.

Traumatic brain injuries do not manifest immediately after an accident. It usually takes a couple of weeks before victims develop any symptoms. It is therefore important for motorcycle accident victims to see a physician immediately to prevent deadly complications from occurring. A physician will carry out a series of tests, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computer Tomography scan to check if the head and other vital organs have been affected by the crash. These tests provide evidence that a victim was indeed injured and that he went to the hospital to seek medical attention. This will strengthen his argument in case he decide to file for compensation from the insurance company.

Occasionally, post-traumatic headache from a crash can occur due to whiplash. A headache caused by whiplash resembles a tension-type headache or migraine. It is important to visit a physician or neurosurgeon immediately if the headache is accompanied by signs such as fatigue and abnormal behaviors like irritability, extreme anger and an uncontrollable laughter. Also, visit a doctor if the headache comes with fainting spells or if the victim develops dilated pupils and slurred speech.

A brain injury can cause severe damages to a victim’s health and even lead to death if not given prompt attention. Apart from death, a brain injury can cause long-term physical and mental impairments. The impairments may range from inability to work to loss of memory and motor skills.

Because of the dangers of brain injuries, motorcycle riders should be very careful when on the road. They should observe speed limits, wear helmets and avoid riding while drunk. This way, the number of fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents will reduce.

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