Drivers in Florida Rank High for Insurance Costs

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Florida Drivers Rank Among the Highest for Insurance Costs
Florida drivers have the highest insurance expenses in the nation. One report shows that the Palm Beach County average is projected to increase by 13% this year. For those living in Miami-Dade County, insurance quotes average 56% higher than the overall state average. These rising costs are especially a problem in a state where so many individuals can’t afford car insurance as it is; Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers.

Reasons for the Higher Rates
A Floridian will pay a higher insurance rate compared to the national average. Several reasons why Florida drivers pay more are:

  • The state requires that every Floridian purchase at least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection in addition to the medical insurance that each driver has through Medicare or a private health plan. This requirement increases rates in no-fault states like Florida. This current system is accepted by numerous supporters.
  • Some factors cannot be controlled by individuals seeking to be insured, these include geography and age.

Consumers do have options available in order to obtain a lower insurance rates. One good idea is to ask around for a lower rate or a discount. Many discounts are available and they may lower one’s insurance costs significantly. Remember, the internet can be a valuable tool when searching for better rates or discounts. Shop around at least once per year. Switching your insurance provider for one with a better rate would not be uncommon. Even if you don’t obtain better rates, keeping up to date with the insurance market is generally a good idea; it doesn’t hurt to stay informed.
The options you find may provide you with a significantly better rate from a different company. For example, a young driver may have a better driving grade with a different company and receive a lower rate. Also, a senior may receive a lower rate upon completion of a driver safety course. Each company has different rates to offer to different individuals along with various discounts.

Save Your Money
Insurance does not have to break your budget. Numerous options exist that will ensure every consumer will be able to save money in an expensive insurance state like Florida.

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