A Reminder on Motorcycle Safety

Aftermath of a motorcycle accident; bike on its side

Tips for Motorcycle Safety
In a published report, by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, of all vehicular crashes in 2010, 6,686 involved injuries sustained to motorcyclists. By employing some common sense, following these motorcycle safety ideas will decrease the odds of involvement in an accident.

Prior to Taking to the Asphalt
Prior to heading out onto the road for an enjoyable ride, you should take two minutes to ensure everything on your motorcycle is functional, visual and audible to others. Check all directional, brake and headlamp lights. Sound the horn and confirm all fluid levels are full.

Proper Motorcycle Attire
Motorcycle owners love the feel of the sun and cool air flowing past them on the highways. Being in touch with the environment is fine, but there’s little or nothing to protect you from the injury, and pain that an asphalt road will inflict. Serious consideration should be given to donning appropriate attire, that can provide you with minimal protection to your body.

It would be wise to wear the protective items, listed below:

  • Helmet: Wear a helmet, it’s a matter of life, death or a debilitating body injury.
  • Eye Protection: Safety lenses should be worn if a helmet does not employ a safety shield. It will keep can insects, and road debris from impairing your vision.
  • Leather Jacket and Pants: Apparel made of leather will protect your skin from scrapes and rashes from contact with the asphalt and ground.
  • Visibility: Forget about making a fashion statement, wear reflective gear and be noticed.
  • Footwear: Wear sturdy footwear.
  • Handwear: Put on strong gloves for protection.
  • While on the Road
  • Licensed Florida motorcyclists should safely share the road with other vehicles and:
  • Don’t speed
  • Avoid blind spots
  • Signal all turn and lane changes
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Avoid erratic lane changes

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

As safe as one can be, it happens, accidents will occur. Legal recourse is an option should a motorcycle accident occur due to the negligence of others. Victims can claim compensation for current and future medical billings, lost wages and damage to personal property. Contact the experts at Zimmerman & Frachtman. We’re located throughout South Florida to assist you with your claims.To receive a free and confidential case review, call us now to arrange a call with one of our personal injury attorneys immediately.

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