Three Questions You Should Feel Comfortable Asking Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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1. How much will you charge?

The majority of personal injury attorneys charge by contingency. If the client does not win the case, then he or she will not owe a fee. During the initial consultation, potential clients will talk with the attorney to see if there is enough evidence to support a case. Before being hired, the attorney may negotiate a contingency fee on a winning judgment, which can be anything from 25% to 45%. The contingency fee agreement may be a little more negotiable if the attorney suspects that the client has a substantial case with severe personal loss or damage.

2. How much experience do you have in personal injury representation?

There is great competition among attorneys for personal injury lawsuits. Many firms spend thousands of dollars ever year to advertise their legal services to injured people. While this competition may offer several choices for potential clients, it also means that they need to make sure that the attorney has adequate experience. Personal injury lawsuits vary according to the client and the laws where he or she resides. It is wise to treat the initial consultation as an interview. Potential clients can ask attorneys about their experiences and successes in past cases. They may also interview former clients of the firm. A successful judgment often depends on knowledgeable and experienced counsel.

3. How much could my case be worth?

There was a recent overhaul of tort laws which governs personal injury lawsuits and subsequent judgment caps. These suits have many variables to consider, such as medical issues, liability, and discovery. The combination of these variables will ultimately be what the court considers before rendering a judgment. However, experienced personal injury attorneys have tried these cases long enough that they may be able to give rough estimates. Potential clients should be leery of attorneys who predict huge sums that are not realistic. Again, it is up to the clients to make informed decisions before hiring an attorney for a personal injury suit.

The law offices of Zimmerman & Frachtman invite you to ask our experienced legal team these and any other questions you may have concerning a personal injury suit in Miami. They know that you may be suffering physically and financially and need the best team for the job. If you live in Florida, call Zimmerman & Frachtman today to schedule your free consultation.

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