Motorcycle Safety- How One Teen Took to the Street

aftermath of a motorcycle accident; bike on its side

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries and fatalities. One of the main reasons for accidents is that car and truck drivers do not see a motorcycle coming up on them until it is too late, and an accident occurs. Many motorcycle riders in Florida often take classes that help them keep an eye out for close drivers as the state has one of the largest numbers of riders in the US. They also unfortunately see the highest fatality rates for accidents involving bikes on the road.

A teenager in Port St. Lucie, Florida is tired of seeing all the motorcycle accidents in her state. She has personally lost friends in motorcycle wrecks and decided to hold a silent protest along the highway to promote awareness of motorcycle safety. She held up handmade signs on Friday of last week to memorialize her friends and family who have been killed over the past year. Her point was to help drivers become more aware of their surroundings and always look out for motorcycles.

She lost her older brother when he was killed in a motorcycle crash in August 2015. A car pulled out in front of his bike, killing him. Next, a close friend was involved in a motorcycle accident when a truck also pulled out in front of him, flipping him over the truck and killing him. Lastly, her boyfriend was on a motorcycle when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver. In none of these instances were any of the bikers speeding, and all were wearing their helmets.

Our Commitment

We employ personal injury lawyers who are aware of the fact that many car drivers simply do not pay attention when they are driving. Drivers who are not paying attention and who may become distracted by cell phones, loud music, children and more are more likely to miss an oncoming motorcycle and cause a fatal accident.

We represent many clients who have been injured as the result of a motorcycle accident. One case was a personal injury lawsuit involving a nurse who was severely hurt by a car driver who did not see her or the bike. As a result, she suffered excruciating back fractures, liver contusions, broken ribs and a head injury. While we wish that the car driver had seen her in time to prevent this accident, we were still able to settle her case for one million dollars.

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