Troopers Tell Drivers To Stay On Scene After Accident

closeup of car accident

A hit and run is a type of crime where a person flees the accident scene and does not follow the required procedures. All states require that people stop their vehicle after they are involved in an accident. It does not matter whether or not someone was injured. You will need to check for injuries, call the police and exchange information with the other driver after the accident. You should also talk to witnesses.

Central Florida has a major problem with hit and run accidents. February is Hit and Run Awareness Month. Steve Montero, who is a Florida State Trooper, has stated that there has been a dramatic increase in hit and run accidents within the past year. He advises drivers to stay at the scene. He also warns people that if they are caught leaving the scene, then they could be charged with a crime.

The Florida Highway Patrol has stated that accidents happen. However, you should never leave the scene. Steve said that when you leave the accident scene, you will only make the situation worse. He has stated that it is a driver’s duty to stay on the scene. Drivers can help save lives.

Many people leave the scene because they think that they have hit something. However, they often do not realize that they have hit someone. You should check to see if someone is hurt after the accident. If they are hurt, then you should try to administer first aid if you have been trained. You should also alert emergency medical personnel.

There are harsh penalties for leaving the scene of an accident. If there is property damage, then you may be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. You may also be required to pay a $500 fine and spend 60 days in prison.

If someone is injured in an accident, then you may have your license revoked for up to three years. You may also be charged a $3,000 fine and spend up to five years in prison. If someone dies in the car accident, then you may be charged with a first-degree felony. You could also have your license revoked for over three years. Additionally, you could spend up to 30 years in prison and be charged a $10,000 fine.

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