Golf Cart Insurance Product Launched by Florida Company

Closeup of car accident

A standalone insurance program for golf carts has recently been launched by American Integrity Insurance Co., a provider of insurance companies based in Florida. Those choosing this new insurance product will benefit from coverage that is common with auto insurance policies. Even though accidents involving golf carts are mostly minor and rarely result in the type of injuries or property damage typical of a car crash, golf cart owners should remember that some accidents, such as a driver losing control of the cart and hitting an individual, can result in a large amount of liability. Protections available to golf cart owners include:

Coverage for Injury Liability

Should the operator of the golf cart be found responsible for an accident in which another person was injured, this coverage will pay for the injured party’s medical expenses.

Collision Coverage

Covers the cost of making repairs to the golf cart in case of a collision with an object or vehicle, irrespective of who is at fault for the accident.

Liability Coverage for Property Damage

This part of the golf cart insurance policy pays for damage caused to property, such as vehicles, homes or other objects, belonging to a third party, should the driver of the golf cart be found at-fault in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Just like the comprehensive coverage option under an auto insurance policy, comprehensive coverage for golf carts pays for damages and losses incurred by the owner as a result of an event other than a collision. This includes fire, vandalism or theft.

Coverage Options and Discounts Available Under the Golf Cart Insurance Program

In another similarity to auto insurance, the golf cart insurance program gives customers the option of choosing deductibles when they opt for collision and comprehensive coverage. Available liability limits vary, but can go as high as $500,000 for some golf cart owners.

A variety of discount offers have been created by the insurance provider to help bring down the cost of insuring one’s golf cart. These include an offer for customers who can show that they’ve had insurance continuously for six months or more.

Innovation in Insurance Products

While golf cart insurance exists already, relatively few companies around the nation offer it. American Integrity Insurance is hoping to bring a bit of innovation to the industry by promoting this product among golf cart owners. They’ve also launched an umbrella insurance product this year, which complements existing home, boat and auto insurance products by offering liability coverage beyond what the customer’s current policies provide.

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