Tractor-Trailer Hit-and-Run Accidents Happen Too

Aftermath of a truck accident with a trailer on its side

Some of the most difficult accident cases that occur on Florida highways are hit-and-run accidents. The typical person usually thinks a hit-and-run crash would involve an impaired driver or a young driver who is confused following a wreck and flees the scene thinking they can get away. And, many times fleeing drivers who cause an accident do actually get away. But, when the offending driver is operating a commercial truck and there are witnesses who are alert enough to snap a photo of the truck license, the operators can be located eventually. There have actually been several examples of this exact thing occurring in Florida, resulting in death in one crash, and settling the accident report and damage claims can be challenging. This is why it is vital to have an experienced Florida truck accident attorney in these accident claims, as the investigations can be frustrating and absolutely necessary for compensating the victims adequately.

Identifying the Driver

There are no vehicles on the highway that compare with the size of a big rig, and injuries are almost always suffered by the impacted driver and their passengers. Commercial truck accidents can be difficult enough as it is, but there is one specific issue that can help pinpoint the truck driver. Most drivers haul for a shipping company with a company logo on the truck or post themselves as owner-operator. Because of the size of the vehicle, they often are used as moving advertisements. This makes it easier for involved individuals to recognize at least who the employing company is, which is important because they are typically included as negligent actors.

Potential Damages

Damages from a truck accident can tend to be much higher than a typical accident with a passenger vehicle. Truck drivers and shipping companies both usually carry much higher amounts of insurance protection than the average driver who carries the state minimum. This means the potential for full damages is available when the assailant can be located. Standard compensatory damages are normally available when the fault for the crash is attributed to the truck driver, which is common in a hit-and-run scenario. The fleeing issue could also result in punitive damages when an experienced truck accident attorney can prove gross negligence on the part of the respondents in a jury trial.

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