The Elephant Race and the Dangers

Two trucks on the road

We already know that the road can be a dangerous place. Negligence arises and there may be several reasons a crash can occur. When you add large commercial trucks into the fold, there’s even more risk because of the severe damage these vehicles can cause.

One of the biggest dangers on the road involving large commercial trucks is the elephant race. Knowing what this is and how to stay safe can help you avoid a crash. However, if a crash occurs, it’s vital to pursue the maximum compensation possible.

What Is An Elephant Race?

An elephant race occurs when one large commercial truck tries to pass another. Some commercial trucks are heavier than others, warranting a slower speed. One truck driver may try to pass the slower truck by merging left to go around them. When this happens, it causes vehicles in that lane to slow down.

Typically, truck drivers who try to pass another large commercial vehicle should speed up enough to avoid increasing the risk of danger for other drivers.

How Can Drivers Stay Safe Around An Elephant Race?

If you’re a driver approaching an elephant race, it’s vital to stay as safe as possible. First, recognize when one large commercial truck is closely following behind another. Truck drivers tend to give each other space, so if they seem closer, it may be the truck driver in the back preparing to pass the other. Second, look for the truck driver to use their signal to indicate their intention to merge left.

Slow down as you approach the trucks, giving drivers behind you the chance to react as well. Avoid merging further left to go around both trucks unless you can be sure you have the space and speed to do so. Brake if you need to, and be sure to react accordingly, giving the truck driver enough space to pass and then merge to the right again.

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