Proposal 88 Would Add Nursing Home Bill of Rights to Florida Constitution

elderly woman's hand is held by a helper

There is a proposal that will add a Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility Resident Bill of Rights to the Florida Constitution. Many people see this as another way for lawyers to make money off nursing home abuse claims. However, Brecht Haudran does not see it that way. He believes that this will ensure that nursing home residents have rights that are on par with everyone else’s rights.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission Member filed Proposal 88 last November. The proposal was approved by the Commissions Declaration of Rights. What happened at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is one of the reasons many people feel that this Bill of Rights is necessary.

There was a power outage at the nursing home. Many of the residents overheated after this. There were also 14 deaths. Robert Joyce is a nursing home attorney. He stated that everyone deserves to have their rights protected. He also stated that people have to make sure that incidents like what happened in the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills do not happen again.

If Proposal 88 is added to the Florida Constitution, then nursing home workers will be required to treat patients with respect. Facilities will also be required to carry liability insurance. This liability coverage will be used for damages caused by the neglect, exploitation and abuse of of residents.

Emmitt Reed is one of the people who have voiced concern about the bill. He believes that the bill will only increase the number of nursing home abuse cases that lawyers have. He also stated that Florida has the best ratio of CNA and nursing staff members.

However, Brecht believes that this proposal is necessary. He stated that many poor people go to facilities that are not as good. That is why they are more likely to suffer abuse at the hands of the staff members.

In order for Proposal 88 to be put on the November election ballot, 22 out of the 37 must vote for it. In order for the Proposal to be added to the constitution, 60 percent of people must vote for it.

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