Florida’s Recent Legislative Record

Florida’s Recent Legislative Record

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Florida’s legislative sessions have hit a dry spell lately. They’ve had 1,747 bills come through, but only 196 have passed. Even less have been signed by Florida’s Governor Rick Scott. The bills have covered a wide range of issues from recent topic to long standing topics. This article will look at how bills in different categories have feared lately.

In the budget category they passed an 88 billion dollar bill to cover various issues such as Everglades restoration and parkland shooting response. At the same time, there were several consumer bills that went through. However two bills particular, having people unable to pay for soda on stamp stamps failed and cable and trash companies reimbursing clients for missed services, failed to pass. Another major failure was on a bill to start fracking. These are the kind bills that affect a lot of people.

Naturally, after the Parkland shooting there were a wide range of bills regarding gun laws. The main focus for an assault weapons ban failed, as well as allowing people to carry concealed weapons to churches that share school space. There was also a background check bill which failed. However, one bill got through and got the governor’s signature. It will allow for schools to train employees on gun usage, increase the age for buying a gun from 18 to 21, and ban bump stocks. That was considered a step in the right direction for activists and victims looking for change.

Another key area where people were looking for change was for hurricane planning. Several bills passed, starting with how assisted living facilities should require back-up generators. Continuing that train of thought, facilities will need to be equipped to hold a steady temperature. However, a bill to bring more fuel to hurricane evacuated areas failed. These bills do help to solve several of the issues in the aftermath of hurricane Irma.

Lastly, there were a few miscellaneous bills worth mentioning. A daylight savings time bill passed so people would not have to adjust clocks twice a year. The first slave memorial will soon be also created in Tallahassee. For bills that failed, one that would let police pull over a driver for texting that not make it. Then finally, a bill that would abolish sanctuary cities did that make it through either.

Bills have a long path, from conception at that start, make it through the state house and senate, then go all the way to the governor’s deck. Some make it much further than others in this process, for better or worse. Whether its gun laws, public protection, or services, these bills are generally designed to improve the lives of the majority of people. If there’s any disagreement, then go out fight for the laws you think are just.

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