What Is the Typical Timeline for a Personal Injury Claim in Florida?

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If you have suffered a personal injury, then you may be wondering how long it will take for the case to be settled. The question does not have a simple answer. Everybody’s personal injury case is unique.

If you have serious injuries, then it is best for you to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to provide you with an estimated timeline of when you can expect your case to be settled. There are some general points that will give you an idea of how long your personal injury case can take.

Legal Requirements for a Personal Injury Claim

After you file a personal injury claim, there are a set of statutes that the insurance company must follow. They will have 10 days to respond after they receive the claim. They will also have 90 days to either deny the claim or pay you. You can expect this to take about 100 days.

What is the First Offer is too low?

Even though you can expect for your claim to be settled within 100 days, it may take longer than this. The insurance company may not offer you a fair settlement. Insurance companies are able to generate profit by offering small settlements.

If you have an attorney, then they will be able to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Your attorney will do everything that they can to settle this case without going to court. It is better for everyone if the case settles out of court. Both you and the insurance company will be able to save time. The insurance company will also be able to save money.

The Timeline for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The insurance companies have to follow legal guidelines when they are handling a claim. However, there are no legal guidelines that dictate how long a lawsuit should take. If you want to pursue a lawsuit, then you will need to talk with an attorney. Your attorney will help you analyze the costs and benefits of this decision. They will also tell you approximately how long this will take. Additionally, your attorney can tell you about how much money you can expect to get.

Every personal injury accident is unique. That is why every case is handled differently. You will need to work with an attorney who is sensitive to your needs, injuries and financial situation during this difficult time.

You will likely be able to get a better settlement if you opt for a long, drawn out lawsuit. However, this can cause immediate financial problems. That is why it is important to talk with an attorney before you make your final decision.

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