Recognizing Signs of Negligence

woman on the phone while driving

While all drivers have a duty of care, not everyone abides by the laws. Countless drivers operate their vehicles while intoxicated, tired, or distracted. As a driver on the road, it helps to recognize what others may do that can indicate they are negligent. Below, we will detail the signs to look for so that you can understand what to avoid.


When someone is tired, drunk, or distracted, they’ll start to swerve into other lanes. The rumble strip may be the only thing to correct the driver’s actions. However, at this point, it may be too late, and the driver may cause a severe crash.


Someone doesn’t even have to be drunk or distracted to speed. Some drivers just don’t abide by posted speed limits. Instead, they speed past traffic and can cause a severe crash. It’s vital for people to slow down, but make sure you stay clear if you see someone speeding.

Erratic Braking

Have you ever seen someone brake even when nobody is in front of them? Often, this occurs because someone is distracted, loses focus on the road, and then suddenly refocus and notice that they’ve been speeding or otherwise negligent. Unfortunately, someone who brakes out of nowhere can cause the driver behind them to crash.

Driving Without Lights at Night

When someone is tired or drunk, they may forget to turn on their running lights or headlights when driving. At night, this makes the driver very dangerous. Not only are they harder to see, but their lack of lights reduces their visibility.

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