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Rental trucks are a popular and cost effective means to move yourself across town or across country. Companies such as U-Haul, Budget and Penske offer a low cost, do-it-yourself alternative to paying an expensive moving company. However, most drivers are not familiar and have no prior experience with driving a large rental truck.

Most rental trucks are nearly double the size of a regular sedan and can weigh nearly 10,000 pounds. Driving a truck this size requires extreme caution when behind the wheel. These large rental truck can lead to destructive accidents, often times more catastrophic than regular car accidents, because of the truck’s size and weight. According to a study by the National Traffic Safety Administration, over 3,400 truck accidents happened in the state of Florida in 2012.

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Types of Moving Truck Accidents

Zimmerman & Frachtman truck accident attorneys are dedicated to representing those whom have suffered the loss of a loved one or debilitating injuries from rental truck or U-Haul accidents. Examples of rental truck or U-Haul accidents include:

  • Accidents caused by poorly maintained U-haul rental trucks
  • U-haul rental truck breakdowns
  • Poorly maintained U-haul trailers, bike racks, and other pull-behinds

U-Haul Rental Truck Accident Causes

U-Haul and other rental truck accident causes can vary. Some of the causes span from driver inexperience to driver negligence among others.

Driver Inexperience

The most common cause of U-Haul and rental truck accidents is driver inexperience. Just some of the considerations a driver must be aware of when driving a large rental truck include:

  • Defensive driving. For example, looking out for other vehicles that are unaware of their surroundings
  • Increased Stopping Distance
  • Increased Overhead clearance
  • Large Blind Spots – trucks have large blind spots that other vehicles may unintentionally ride in

Driver Negligence

Some drivers drive large rental trucks in the same way they would their regular vehicle, which can be dangerous. Negligent Driving like speeding, drowsy driving, or failure to adhere to traffic signals can also lead to disastrous rental truck accidents.

Distracted Driving

Many South Florida drivers are driving distracted. Not having your full attention on the road can lead to accidents. Some examples of distracted driving include disruptions by children, radio, cellphones, and more. Rental Truck Drivers should also secure their cargo and belongs. Distractions from cargo shifts are also a common cause of U-Haul accidents.

Poorly Maintained Vehicles and U-Haul Trailer Breakdowns

Since U-Haul Trucks are used across the country, these trucks are susceptible to missed routine maintenance. Additionally, defects with tires and brakes can lead to truck tire blowouts and cause rental truck accidents.

Trailers are also a common cause for U-Haul accidents. Many drivers who rent trailers from U-Haul are also unfamiliar with safe towing practices. For example, “Trailer sway” is a big cause of towing accidents with U-Haul and other rented trailers. This happens when a vehicles weighs less than the trailer. The trailer can then sway violently causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle resulting in a severe crash. Runaway trailers are also another common cause of accidents.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a U-haul or rental truck or trailer accident, contact the U-Haul and truck attorneys at Zimmerman & Frachtman to review your claim. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages.

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