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Car Accidents on the Busy Highways of Florida

The Florida Turnpike – which mainly consists of State Road 91 – is one of the busiest toll roads in the state. It is used by countless motorists and commercial truck drivers each day to reach destinations throughout the heart of Florida and between Miami and Fort Pierce. Not all of those drivers take their responsibility of driving safely to heart, though.

Were you driving on the Florida turnpike when a bad, reckless, drunk, or otherwise negligent driver crashed into you? Zimmerman & Frachtman and our team of Florida Turnpike accident lawyers are here to help however we can. We are proud to call Florida our home, so we are also proud to represent other Floridians in their hours of need after all sorts of wrecks.

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Causes of Accidents on the Florida Turnpike

Our attorneys can investigate your accident to understand why it happened. If there is an element to your case that is unique to the Florida Turnpike, then we can integrate that into your investigation and your claim. For example, were you rear-ended while attempting to pay a toll at a booth when traffic was stopped? The tollbooth operator might be a unique eyewitness who can back up your claim.

Reasons for many car, truck, and motorcycle accidents on the Florida Turnpike include:

  • Negligent drivers: The majority of car accidents are caused by human error or, more specifically, human negligence. Drivers who text, speed, drive drunk, and so on cause thousands of crashes along the Florida Turnpike each year.
  • Potholes: If you have spent much time driving on the Florida Turnpike, then you know how riddled certain stretches are with potholes. Hitting a pothole at highway speeds can cause a devastating accident, especially for motorcyclists.
  • Obscured road signs: Along some areas of the Florida Turnpike, trees and vegetation grow close to the road. Unkempt vegetation can obscure the road signs, making it difficult for drivers to understand how the traffic ahead of them is about to shift or what exits are just ahead. This obscuration can contribute to the risk of more car accidents.
  • Improper water drainage: Inclement weather like rainstorms and hurricanes frequents all of Florida. Unmaintained parts of the Florida Turnpike are known to flood during harsh storms, which puts all drivers at risk.
  • Shoulder drop-off: Using the shoulder on the Florida Turnpike can be dangerous both due to driver inattention and poorly maintained shoulders, which can drop off unexpectedly. Some drivers try to pull off the highway to make a call or check on their vehicle but are shocked to accidentally drive into a ditch or down a steep slope.

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The Florida Turnpike accident attorneys of our firm know what it takes to make a powerful claim after you have been seriously injured in a crash along one of the state’s busiest highways. If your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is not enough to cover your damages, then we can get right to work to make sure the liable party or parties – like another driver or a government entity in charge of maintaining the Turnpike – give you the compensation you are owed. Do not work with just any accident lawyer for your case. Make sure you put your case and faith in locals who genuinely care about you and your future!

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