General Motors Issues Largest Automobile Recall This Year

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An alarming number of reported accidents and deaths involving the recalled vehicles have been directly linked to the faulty ignition switches, putting General Motors in the precarious spotlight of a government led investigation. 

Consequently, law firms are looking at the potential for individual and class action injury lawsuits against the company on behalf of those adversely affected by the faulty ignition switches.

What is Injury Law and how might it Benefit You in the GM case?

Injury Law is the branch of law that deals with personal injury and class action litigation arising from defective products, effects of harmful drugs, and more. If you have been directly affected by the General Motors vehicle recall list below, you may be entitled to receive a settlement as party to a class action injury lawsuit.

Class action litigation means that many people affected by General Motor’s defective ignition switch would become party to a large-scale lawsuit against the corporation with intent to seek compensation.

General Motors Ignition Switch Recall Information

Faulty ignition switches were installed in the General Motors vehicle models listed below that can cause the car to suddenly turn off while driving. The sudden shut down then renders engines and electrical systems disabled. In a scary domino affect, this in turn debilitates brakes, power steering, and airbags. With a cascade of critical safety features disabled, drivers are unable to control their vehicles effectively.

The initial ignition switch recall was issued for nearly 2.6 million vehicles.

Recalled models include:


• Cobalt (2005-2010)

• HHR (2006-2011)


• G5 (2007-2010)

• Solstice (2006-2010)


• Ion (2003-2007)

• Sky (2007-2010)

What’s Next?

If you have owned one of the vehicles on the General Motors recall list above and have been personally impacted by its faulty ignition switch, you may have a case that is eligible for legal recourse and compensation. Call to set up an appointment for your free consultation today.

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