Do Personal Watercraft Companies Do Enough To Protect Customers?

Beached sailboat on its side

Many people have filed personal lawsuits against personal watercraft companies. This includes Kawaski, Bombadier Recreational Products and Yamaha. That is why many people are asking whether personal watercraft companies are doing everything that they can to protect consumers.

Many people who filed a lawsuit against personal watercraft companies have suffered injuries to their internal orifices such as the anus, rectum and vagina. The severity of the injury can vary. However, there have been cases where people have suffered a fatal injury.

People have filed lawsuits against personal watercraft companies. This poses two very important questions. Why haven’t companies done more to protect people? What can consumers do in order to protect themselves and their families?

A strong warning comes with the Yamaha SUV 1200. The warning states that strong streams of water from the jet nozzle can result in serious injury. They recommend that people wear a wetsuit in order to prevent injuries.

While that may seem like a sufficient warning, it is quite ambiguous. The warning does not address the fact that many people fall off of the back of the watercrafts. Many people believe that including this in the warning would be a waste of money.

Altering the design of personal watercraft companies is a waste of time. However, there has to be done in order to reduce the risk of internal orifice injury. For example, seating can be changed in order to make it harder for people to slip into the jet stream.

Many people will still not use safety equipment or wear wetsuits. However, the industry should do more to educate people.

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