The Worst & Most Common Truck Accidents in Orlando

Truck Accident

Any resident or commuter who goes through Orlando and central Florida on a regular basis aren’t oblivious to the abundance of truck accidents happening all around them. Truck injuries are no joke and can lead to severe injuries for all victims involved, whether a driver or a passenger. Commercial trucks, semi-trucks, or tractor-trailers are all vehicles that can quickly spiral out of control and cause havoc in traffic. Unfortunately, injuries and fatalities often occur in these events.

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequent accidents than can lead to series injuries due to accidents involving trucks, especially commercial vehicles:

  • Brain Trauma: Brain injuries can lead to concussions or fractured skulls resulting from the impact of the collision. Such injuries can be tragic, from fatal to life-changing. Seek medial attention immediately.
  • Spinal Pain: The most surgical operations required after a spinal injury includes herniated discs and lumbar spinal issues. This isn’t uncommon in Orlando.
  • Burns: An even dangerous collision, some trucks transport hazardous chemicals, gasses, or other materials that may be highly flammable. A fire can easily ignite in a collision, almost certainly leading to a severe burn.
  • Sprained & Broken Bones: As anyone would expect, a broken or sprained bone is the most common result of truck injuries. Minor muscle pain will sometimes accompany this.

One simply needs to take a quick glance at the statistics to understand that truck accidents almost always lead to an injury, whether to the driver, passenger, pedestrians, or all three. Seek medical attention as soon as possible for those and anyone involved, even if you seem to be feeling okay. Advise the same to other parties.

When, Why, and Where Do These Truck Accidents Happen?

Most people would assume the aforementioned truck accidents would occur in highly populated areas, but the most common areas are desolate, rural areas during the daytime. While truck drivers are on high alert while driving in the city and highly populated areas, some let there guard down in rural areas with less mobile and foot traffic.

These factors lead to being less attentive and therefore being a potentially dangerous driver, putting yourself and others at risk. If you don’t drive a truck, be sure that truck drivers are aware of your presence.

Final Words

Pay attention, remember what your driver instructor told you, and stay on alert. Don’t get involved in one of these accidents. If you do, contact emergency services immediately and a lawyer if necessary.

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