Navigating Insurance Problems After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accidents

Navigating Insurance Problems After a Bicycle Accident

The attorneys at Zimmerman & Frachtman are dedicated to helping clients in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida as well as providing representation in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey state and federal courts. The firm has years of experience in obtaining successful resolutions and settlements for bicycle accidents that result in physical harm as well as helping clients navigate through problems with insurance companies.

Bicycle Accidents May Cause Major Injuries

Since bicyclists are exposed to the elements, they are at greater risk of injury than motorists. Taking proper precautions can minimize this risk, such as using hand signals, riding in dedicated bicycle lanes, donning protective gear and wearing a helmet. Regardless, bicyclists who wear a helmet and protective gear are still at risk of brain damage, head trauma, abrasions, broken bones and internal injuries caused by falls or blows.

Bike Accident Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies usually cover medical treatment for bike accident injuries, depending on the specific policy and injuries. In addition, some insurance plans provided by supplemental insurance companies cover bicycle damage and theft. The client’s policy determines whether or not compensation or a replacement for the bicycle is available directly through the insurance company.

An Attorney Can Hold the Negligent Parties Accountable

Those who are injured due to a bicycle accident should seek legal assistance immediately. An experienced attorney can help clients obtain a successful resolution to their personal injury case. With the help of an attorney, the negligent parties will answer for their failure to act, and the attorney will work hard to make sure the client receives the fair compensation for lost wages and medical costs to which the client is entitled.

Helping Clients Move Forward

The legal experts at Zimmerman & Frachtman can help anyone who is having problems receiving compensation through his insurance company. With the firm’s guidance, clients can finally get the peace of mind they deserve, so they are able to finally move forward with their recovery.

Attorneys Are Available to Discuss Bicycle Accident Cases

Those who have experienced a bike accident and wish to discuss their options can do so with one of the firm’s skilled, seasoned personal injury lawyers by contacting Zimmerman & Frachtman today. The attorneys at this firm have the knowledge and background to help clients reach a successful resolution to their case.

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