3m Lawsuits For Military Hearing Damage in Florida

Who is Affected by the Alert?

Military people who served anytime between 2003 and 2015 and have had hearing loss due to the 3M dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs.

What is Going On?

3M Company, which is a defense contractor, settled a claim in July. They were being sued because the dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs were defective and caused hearing loss.

How Can the Lawsuit Help Me?

People can get compensated for their pain and suffering, medical bills and other damages that they have had due to using the defective ear plugs.

Who do I Need to do?

You will need to fill out the form on the page and explain what happened. An attorney will get in touch with you shortly and inform you of all of the rights that you have.

Is This a Class Action Lawsuit?

This is not a class action lawsuit. You will need to speak with an attorney if you are interested in getting compensated. You will be able to find out about the process by filling out the contact form.

The $9.1 million law settlement was finalized. 3M Company was sued because they knowingly sold earplugs that were defective. They also did not tell people that the earplugs were defective.

Which Earplugs are You Talking About?

The earplugs were used between 2003 and 2015. They are dual-ended. They have an olive-green end and yellow end. They can give you two levels of noise protection. It depends on the end that you use.

Why do People Believe That the Earplugs are Defective?

The court documents stated that the earplugs were too short. This caused the earplugs to loosen when they are placed in the ears. The earplugs can cause a person to be exposed to noises that can damage their hearing and cause tinnitus.

The claim states that the company knew that the earplugs were defective back in 2000. The company said that the earplugs met the standards that were set by the military.

Why are People Filing New Lawsuits?

The government was compensated for the money that they spent on the earplugs. However, service members who want to be compensated will have to file a lawsuit.

How to File a Lawsuit

You should fill out the form on the contact page. One of the attorneys will get in touch with you. There is no charge for contacting the attorney. You do not need to take legal action if you do not want to.

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