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Pressure cooker accidents can happen anywhere. That’s why our firm is accepting new clients in pressure cooker explosion cases in every state. Our firm is ready to investigate a pressure cooker explosion anywhere, even if the model involved has not yet been recalled. Contact us any time to set up a free consultation.

As stated by the CPSC:

“Companies, including retailers, have a legal obligation to report a consumer product to the CPSC when they obtain information indicating that a product may create a substantial risk of injury to consumers, may be unreasonably hazardous or dangerous for consumers, may have been involved in a choking or “near miss” incident, or does not comply with rules, regulations, standards, or bans under the statutes enforced by the CPSC.

A manufacturer may be in the best position to have this type of information. However, a retailer with information that indicates a product may be a health or safety risk, as described above, is legally obligated to report that information immediately to the CPSC, unless they have actual knowledge that the CPSC has already been fully informed of the information.

Retailers may wish to contact the manufacturer, importer, distributor, private labeler, or others in a product’s supply chain to secure written assurances that they have fully reported a particular product to the CPSC. To protect yourself, a retailer may wish to provide a copy of the written assurances to the CPSC or they may wish to submit their own timely report to the CPSC.

Failure to report this type of information immediately and in full detail could lead to the imposition of substantial civil or criminal penalties.

More information is available, describing the duty to report products to the CPSC in greater detail.”

It is the pressure cooker manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that products they are designing and manufacturing are free of defects and design flaws. They also must contain proper instructions for safe use.

When you purchase a product in the United States, you are protected from unexpected risk and injury associated with use of the product such as the following (but not limited to):

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Transportation defects
  • Communication about product dangers (i.e.- Failure to visibly and obviously disclaim dangers of using a product/proper usage conditions)

What other products are recalled due to product defects?

Click here to view the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Recall List.

Common Causes Of Defective Pressure Cooker Explosion Accidents (And Other Accidents)-

  • Faulty Gaskets – the rubber sealing rings around the lip of the pot that keep the pressure cooker airtight are often the culprits behind pressure cooker explosions
  • Improper lid seals and/or locks – This can cause hot liquid to spill and injure users, especially when high heat and steam are built up and the lid is opened
  • Improper ventilation – As the cooker is cooling down, insufficient ventilation can cause explosions due to steam not being able to properly vent/exit the cooker
  • Faulty release valve – When functioning correctly, the release valve should maintain the appropriate level of pressure within the pressure cooker pot so it only lets out just enough steam to ensure the user is safe and out of harm.
  • Faulty wiring – A common manufacturing issue is faulty wiring causing electrocutions. If parts of the pressure cooker have melted away, wires are exposed to liquids and cause electroceutical injuries.
  • Digital Indication Malfunction – If the pressure cooker is giving faulty signals that indicate the pressure cooker is ready to be opened when it isn’t, users can be injured in many ways (burn, electrocution, etc.)

Common Pressure Cooker Explosion Injuries

A few common pressure cooker injuries include:

  • Burn Injuries – At temperatures of 200+ degrees, explosions and spillage can cause 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns. Burns can also lead to long-lasting scars.
  • Electrocutions – This can occur when electrical circuits touch water or steam. Also, defective insulation materials can cause electrocutions
  • Catastrophic injuries – Pressure cooker explosions have left victims blind and with brain injuries
  • Wrongful Death – Exploding pressure cookers can cause severe injuries or even death to anyone nearby

Pressure Cooker Injury Claims – Brands & Manufacturers

There are a large number of explosion claims regarding some of the most popular pressure cookers on the market. These brands include:

ALDI Chef’s Collection Pressure CookerCrofton
Bella Cucina “Zip Cooker”HSN LP
Breville Fast Slow CookerBreville
Cook’s EssentialsQVC, Inc.
Crock PotSunbeam Products, Inc.
CuisinartConair Corporation d/b/a Cuisinart
Elite Bistro 8-Quart Electric Pressure CookerMaxi Matic USA
Fagor EZ LockFenca America, Inc.
Instant-Pot (Otherwise known as “Insta Pot”)Instant Brands, Inc.
Maxi-Matic Pressure CookerMaxi Matic USA
Manttra Pressure CookerTTK Prestige Ltd
MirroGroupe Seb USA, Inc.
NuwaveNuwave, LLC.
Power Pressure Cooker XLTristar
Prestige Rise n TimeTTK Prestige Limited
PrestoNational Presto Industries, Inc.
QVC Electric Pressure CookerQVC
Phillipe RichardsTabletops Unlimited
UltrexInnova Inc.
Wolfgang Puck Pressure CookerWolfgang Puck Enterprises, Inc.

Class Actions Vs. Individual Suits

While pressure cooker explosion injuries may seem ripe for class action lawsuits, in some cases individual lawsuits may be in the best interests of the injured party.

Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits best serve injured clients when there is a large pool of victims with similar injuries. That makes for an easier time obtaining class status and can allow for a fair distribution of settlement money. But these class actions are no one size fits all. Victims with the most severe injuries aren’t always treated fairly when it comes to paying out a jury award or a settlement.

The Benefits Of Filing Individual Lawsuits In Pressure Cooker Explosion Cases

Class action lawsuits by design are one size fits all proposals. Unfortunately, some victims have more severe injuries than others. In many cases, the victims with the worst injuries are pressured into accepting a low-ball settlement offer. They may feel pressure to take this offer so as to not upturn the other members of the class.

With an individual lawsuit, the victim is in control. Our product liability attorneys can tailor trial strategy and negotiation tactics to an individual case and in turn obtain the best result for their client.

Do I Have Valid A Pressure Cooker Lawsuit?

Our firm is currently accepting pressure cooker explosion injury cases in every state in the country. Our firm is ready to listen to you, even if the model of pressure cooker involved has not yet been recalled.

We will help you get the compensation you deserve. What can I be compensated for in a defective pressure cooker explosion lawsuit?

  • Pain and suffering (Past and future)
  • Medical expenses (Past and future)
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement that comes with serious burns
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of ability to earn future wages due to injury
  • Personal assistance & support
  • Life care services
  • Property damages (Any necessary home modifications)
  • Compensation for damage to your home
  • Punitive damages
  • And more
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